Oh My Gods! Omnibus, Vol 1
Omnibus Vol. 1
eBook $9.95 Hardcover $99.95 why does it cost $99.95?

Years 1 through 3 (strips #1 - #1051) from the critically acclaimed webcomic; plus six rarely seen, special edition strips! The hardcover is nearly 9" x 11" with over 380 high quality, full color pages. Also available on Google Play.

Oh My Gods! Omnibus, Vol 2
Omnibus Vol. 2
eBook $9.95 Hardcover $99.95 why does it cost $99.95?

Years 4 through 7 (strips #1052 - #2090) from the world renowned webcomic; plus all of the out-of-print trade paperback covers! The hardcover is nearly 9" x 11" with over 380 high quality, full color pages. Also available on Google Play.

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The Complete Collection is Online Again!

Posted: January 11th, 2015

The entire collection of Oh My Gods! strips is once again available online! All 2090 strips, starting from the humble black-and-white beginnings, are back and free to read. Scroll down to view the complete collection, or visit it directly on Imgur!

The Omnibus is Finally Here!

Posted: March 7th, 2013

After many long years of work, sleepless nights, and countless pieces of fanmail, the Oh My Gods! Omnibus is finally here! Check out the two volumes above, which together comprise the entirety of the 2,090 strips from the 7 years of the comic!

The Entire Oh My Gods! Comic Archive

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View and share the Complete Collection hosted on Imgur.

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Why does the hardcover cost so much?

Each hardcover is over 380 full-color, high-quality pages, which is very expensive to print. I'd love, Love, LOVE to offer them for less, and I've done my best sell the books for as little as possible. You could always pick up the digital-download edition instead: same great Omnibus, way cheaper!

Is it be available in my country?

Yes! Lulu (our publisher) ships worldwide! Check this help document on Lulu’s site for more information.

Can I get the eBook / digital versions on my device?

Yes! The eBook / digital version isa high-quality PDF perfect for reading on tablets and other eReaders. Lulu (our publisher) has more information on how to use the eBooks they publish.

Additionally, the Omnibus is also
available via Google Play!

Reviews & Critical Acclaim

"It's a Pagan 'Peanuts' and like Schultz's immortal strip, Oh My Gods! lightly starts your day with understated and not-so subtle wisdom."

Lon Milo DuQuette

author of The Chicken Qabalah

"Over the last few years, "Oh My Gods" by Shivian Balaris has chronicled his perceptions of the subculture surrounding modern Neo-Paganism, and his own musings on various subjects from religion to politics to fantasy. His humor is quirky, sincere, fresh, and always good for a chuckle ... and occasionally, wild belly-laughter and rolling on the floor."

Raven Kaldera

author of Jotunbok: Working With The Giants Of The Northern Tradition

"Oh My Gods! offers slice of life social humor - from brash to bold, from cute to cutting edge. Something for nearly every taste. A simple yet sublime strip."

Patricia Telesco

author of Kitchen Witch's Companion

"I love Oh My Gods!"

Christopher Penczak

author of the Inner Temple of Witchcraft

"An absolutely necessary read for modern spiritual seekers of all stripes - Shivian and his comic provide an invaluable dose of balancing humor in our day-to-day world, where we all, more often than not, take ourselves and our spirituality much too seriously!"

S.J. Tucker

pagan musician

"We in the Chaoist and Off-White magical communities draw continual spiritual solace from the wry and humorous commentary on the vicissitudes of the esoteric lifestyle in Shivian Balaris' 'Oh My Gods' cartoon strips. Long may he continue to lighten and enlighten our days."

Peter Carroll

author of Liber Null & Psychonaut

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"Oh My Gods! Comic strip is the best thing I’ve read for ages! I’ve been a fan since the early days when it was just black and white … Shivian has a knack of getting to the heart of neo-pagan trends - often via the jugular. Cutting, witty, sometimes camp - but always exquisitely observed humor."

Jon Randall

editor of Pentacle Magazine

"Oh My Gods! offers hilarious and affectionately ironic humour based on scenarios that anyone who has tried to follow a pagan religion in the modern world will find extraordinarily familiar. I find it most enjoyable, and an excellent antidote for pagans / heathens / magickians who take themselves, or each other, too seriously."

KveldúlfR Gundarsson

author of Teutonic Magic

"This is some seriously clever occult humor! Hey, someone had to take the piss out of NeoPaganism. Leave it to Shivian Balaris to apply his observations and critiques in the form of entertaining comic art. For a lighthearted, fun, and educational perspective of our weird and Witchy ways, Oh My Gods! is the place to turn."

Raven Digitalis

author of Shadow Magick Compendium

"Oh My Gods! is Wild, Weird, & Witchy comic relief for some of the social tensions of our times. Shivian, its creator, works his magic as a beloved playful jester in the court of Baubo, Goddess of Irreverent Mirth."

Selena Fox

founder of the Pagan Spirit Gathering

"Serious fun for the thinking pagan ... a unique look at our world ... thanks to the wit and sarcasm of Stan, Victor, Vera, Winston and their cohorts, we can’t help but recognize our own stuff in this hilarious cartoon mirror."

Kristin Madden

author of The Book of Shamanic Healing

"Oh My Gods! graced the pages of PagaNet News for a number of years ... our readers always loved it! Shivian's ability to laugh at himself lends authenticity to a cartoon world in which nothing is sacred. Oh My Gods! helps us to see the "mirth" along with the "reverence", and shows us it's okay to laugh at ourselves."

Drema Baker

editor of If Journal (formerly PagaNet News)

"With 'Oh My Gods' Shivian holds a mirror to Pagan culture and makes us laugh at our own reflection - a potentially dangerous sport, but executed with prowess by his cute and quirky characters and his own charming sense of humor."


creator of the deò's Shadow podcast

"A+ for originality, A+ for content ... a little obscure and odd ... it's cute, check it out."

Inanna Lightbringer, March 2003

Shadow Witch Web

"[Oh My Gods!] won’t give you all 105 keys to Tibetan esoteric wisdom. It won’t teach you how to fly away expediently when a small horde of eastern European townsfolk come after you with pitch-forks and torches. But it will make you laugh. Which, if you ask me, is far more important. If there’s anything in this world that’s still divine and left unsoiled, it’s the power of laughter to bring a smile to one’s face."

St. Faust

(yet another) Mad Profit of Discordia

"My day just isn't complete until I've read Oh My Gods! ... humorous social commentary doesn't get any better than this!"

M. R. Sellars

author of the Rowan Gant Investigations

Link of the Day Award



"I think everyone will see an aspect of themselves or a past version of themselves somewhere in the series. Shivian has captured the spirit of the modern magical community, warts and all. You never know if the next one will make you laugh or make you cringe."

Jaq D Hawkins

author of the Spirits of the Elements series

"Good humor and dry wit ... guaranteed to make you laugh out loud. I'd no more dream of facing the world without it than I would without my morning coffee – and neither should you!"

Dorothy Morrison

author of Everyday Magic

"Quirky characters, fun storylines, and consistent quality have kept me hooked for years. Amid the humor, there are honest assessments of some of the Pagan community's not-so-finest moments, and occasionally a good "zing" will hit a little close to home. Still, it's wrapped in some of the best of what the community has to offer, and gives us a good chance to laugh and learn."


author of DIY Totemism

"Oh My Gods! isn't some demographically-targeted Hollywood version of Wicca designed to entertain the outsiders. It's art by a Pagan writer for a Pagan audience. Its illustrations are sparse and simple; its humor is frequently barbed but deeply reverent of the Old Gods and the Olde (as Gerald Gardner, anyway) Religion. My morning isn't complete without a cup of coffee and the latest installment of Balaris' ongoing polytheistic saga."

Kenaz Filan

managing editor of newWitch magazine

"An irreverent romp through our modern pagan culture ... its humor spotlights the foibles and fun of being pagan in the 21st century ... it always adds a smile to my day."

Dana Gass

owner of Kamala's Oils

"irreverent, tongue-in-cheek look at life ... no one in this strip is safe from the core characters' scathing wit, not even themselves ... frankly, fundamentalists will not want to read this ... my Catholic friend couldn't stop reading ... when I heard about the site, we both spent every moment online reading every single one until we had read them all! ... 9 out of 10, Excellent."

Wolfen Moondaughter

Sequential Tart Review, May 2003

"it's a really cute comic strip with just the right amount of sugar and spice ... Oh My Gods! is sort of Peanuts for Pagans ... it's a sweet slice of life comic ... there's an intelligence here, as well as a sense of humor that comes from really knowing human nature ... the new age is no safer from parody here than fundamentalist Christians are ... it's this quality of being able to laugh at all religions with an understanding of human foibles that makes the strip fun and funny instead of elitist holier-than-thou crap ... Oh My Gods! may claim to be about the powers that be, but it's really about we, the people, down here on earth ... 7 (or 8, if you're Pagan) out of 10, Excellent."

Barb Lien-Cooper

Sequential Tart, May 2004

"One of the few daily webcomics I make it a point to read: Oh My Gods! ... a very funny pagan-centric strip that pokes fun at religion, tradition, superstition, icons, and most importantly, itself."



"Oh My Gods! is witty, insightful commentary on modern pagan culture, and reminds us of the importance of having a sense of humor about our spiritual beliefs and not taking ourselves too seriously."

Steve Kenson

designer of Mutants & Masterminds roleplaying games

About the Author

Shivian Balaris is a professional website & graphic designer / developer. He lives with his two cats, his loving fiance, and numerous arcane spirits in Chicago, IL. Current projects include running Potionwood, a witchcraft parlor specializing in unique solutions for your every wish. More information on Shivian can be found on his personal site: shivian.com, twitter, or facebook.


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About the Strip

Oh My Gods! - the Pagan Based Comic Strip for the Polytheistic Masses!™ - is a webcomic written and illustrated by Shivian Balaris, which debuted in March 7th, 2002 and reached it's finale on June 3rd, 2010. It's primarily a humorous take in the life of Neopagan, Pagan, Wiccan faiths, and their interactions with Christian Fundamentalists, homosexuals, and more. The strip's most frequent area of focus for it's humor, however, was to make fun of 'itself' (the neopagan community it lived amongst).

In an homage to newspaper comics, strips occurring Mon-Fri were produced in black & white, with weekends being in full color. The initial cast of Stan, Vera, Winston, and Victor soon expanded to include numerous additional characters including a Reiki Master, a few Christian Fundamentalists, a Chaos Magician, a Ceremonial Magician, and more.

In January, 2008 Oh My Gods! chose to become available under a Creative Commons License (allowing for free personal / non-commercial use) something seen as both a fan pleasing move & a revolutionary choice for any online comic.

Despite the strip's frequent references to Pagan and Wiccan sub-culture, it has a substantial Christian following as well as a Neopagan audience. Many strips are the result of viewer suggestion, and Oh My Gods! as a whole often reflects the personal experiences of the artist.

The last official strip was posted on March 17, 2009; with a strip being published the next year (June 3rd, 2010) announcing that Oh My Gods! would not be returning.

This strip is rated PG-13 – for occasionally containing strong language (which may be unsuitable for children); neopagan, magickal, and / or witchcraft topics (which may be unsuitable for fundamentalist christians), and the truth about the origin of wicca (which may be unsuitable for wiccans).

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